The Reasons Why: People Should Visit the Seaside Gem, Viareggio

The idyllic town of Viareggio, one of Italy’s hidden wonders, is a place to visit. If you’re in Italy, drop by Viareggio and experience a different side of the country. Viareggio is situated in the seaside and it’s the perfect place for summer—if you’re feeling a little hot, you can take a dip in the sea at the many beaches the town has to offer. It also has the best seafood as well as the Carnival at Viareggio.

But those aren’t the only things about the town. Here are a few others you’d do well to remember when you visit Viareggio.

Viareggio in Earlier times

The town of Viareggio was founded back in the second half of the 19th century. The town was supposed to be a posh seaside vacation place, until a fire gutted most of the town in 1917. Most of the art noveau structures seen today are what remains of the places that were built to replace the other structures. It also plays an important part on the town’s distinct aura.

The Passegiata Margherita walk

If you’re walking through the town, stroll by the Passegiata Margherita. This place gives you a definite glimpse of the town’s classic architecture as well as the Gran Caffe Margherita, a structure plucked straight out of that time. The beach is a great place to walk but it’s even better to stroll through during nighttime, when the cafes, shops, and restaurants seem to really come to life.

The Villa Puccini

This place was where the author of ‘Tosca’ spent most of his life in 1891 from his native Lucca. It was where the author experienced the most troublesome parts of his life. He died in 1928, and since then, the association which oversaw the preservation of his works has turned the place into a museum for him. He also is buried in this place, so the pilgrimage is complete when you visit Villa Puccini.

The Avenue of Queen Margaret

The Avenue is one of the many places visitors visit when they go to Viareggio, so it would be criminal if you miss it. It is one of the many places that got the benefit of the 1918 art noveau redesign. The Avenue has the Great Mergheritha Café, a splendid structure complete with baroque architecture interspersed with the art noveau style.

The Beaches of Viareggio

When you go to Viareggio, you go there first for the Carnival and, secondly, you go for the beach. The beaches here can rival those of luxurious destinations such as the French Riviera or those in Monaco. Umbrellas and seats are arranged neatly and lead up to the shoreline. The seas are definitely beautiful and inviting, perfect for people who want to take a dip to get out of the heat.

The Carnival of Viareggio

The main attraction, of course, is the Carnival of Viareggio. It is a yearly event that draws numbers of visitors to the seaside town. It happens between late January and early the next month and during the carnival, floats and paper mache figures decorate the town.

That’s it for Viareggio, a luxurious town by the bay! If you want to enjoy and relax at the same time, the town is one of the many great choices in the country of Italy.