Travel in Style: The Best Luxury Cars for Summer Drives

Travel in Style: The Best Luxury Cars for Summer Drives

There’s a lot you should know about driving luxury cars. They’re built for many occasions and need, but the best so far would be to ride one on a vacation; nothing like relaxing on the long, open road while driving in a fast, sleek luxury car. These are sturdy cars and they’re also built for speed; you know what you’re getting when you rent one.

So here’s what you should look for when you’re riding a luxury car. This list has some of the best countries that make top luxury cars.

Built for: performance

There’s just something about German-made luxury cars available on the market. Since the time Hitler requested for a car that would become the epitome of German excellence, they’ve stepped up. The list just goes on and on—Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche are just some of the brands who’ve answered the call for excellence. It’s a travesty for German cars if you choose not to rent one during your travel.

Built for: speed

Watch a race and you’re sure to see that the front leaders are driving cars created by Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even Maserati and you can of course also hire these monsters from agencies like this: That’s the reputation that these Italian manufacturers have done through the years; they aren’t just sleek and sexy, they’re super-fast as well. If you’re going to go on a vacation, renting any of these cars for a luxurious vacation would be too tempting to pass up.

The UK
Built for: status

The best way to travel in the UK is to probably feel like royalty. There are many places to take in when you’re in London; there’s the Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. There’s the bridge over the River Thames as well. You’ve got to see them to believe them, but what better way than to ride using one of the exotic rentals available to you? Be an eye-candy yourself!

Built for: 0-60

If you want to go faster, where else would you want to go but in Japan? There’s a special kind of car available in the Land of the Rising Sun for speed demons. Where else would you go if you wanted to drive on wide, open spaces, or at least climb up the mountain road in a luxury import? You know the brands—Honda, Toyota, efficient gas guzzlers that you can put to the metal.

The UK
Built for: hauling

Not a sedan guy? You don’t have to worry about getting what you want and getting to where you need to go in style. Once you get a taste of UK cars, you’re also going to like them for their capacity and room. Even the luxury brands here are built to haul as they are for efficiency. You’re not going to go wrong getting a luxury car in London or in Cambridge, as you have a car that can haul.

There’s a whole other list of cars that carries your luggage like no other, but it’s good to keep your choices to ones that you need when you plan to rent a Porsche in Rome. Figure out what you’re renting for and get the luxury cars that fulfills your need as much as your craving.