Events in Viareggio

Here in Viareggio, we value the people as well as its history. Here are a few events that transpired way back—a sampler of what you can expect when you visit our town, tour around in a rental vehicle, or stroll through the town on a leisurely walk.

The Miss Italia Trans Competition

The 2007 Miss Italia Trans was also the 15th edition of the said competition wherein Mery Sommella won. She works in a parlor and has won the competition. The competition, interestingly enough, began during an event where a competition contestant of the Miss Italia was disqualified based on the reason that she was not a woman to begin with. Thus was the Miss Italia Trans contest, a competition open for women who were born a different gender.

The competition was opened and 24 finalists were chosen from a diverse field. The contestants went on a parade to promote LGBT rights and marched against marginalization and discrimination. On the night of the crowning itself, Ms. Sommella managed to come through from the field. As much as she dedicated the victory to her family, she also dedicated it to the LGBT community in Italy and to LGBT communities everywhere.

The Festival Puccini

The 53rd Puccini Festival in 2007 managed to sell a great number of tickets—5,000 to be exact. It was all thanks to their initiative of selling tickets online. The Puccini Festival is a yearly festival where young talents get to share the stage with already established and international artists. The 2007 festival saw opera stars Norma Fantini, Svetla Vassileva, and Fabio Sartori perform. There were also young talents like Valerio Gili and Marcello Bonanno marking the festival with their presence.

It is a yearly festival like no other. Evidence of why you can’t simply miss it may have appeared in the London Independent, which described the festival as ‘The Best’ for the opera scene in Italy. There are also other magnified descriptions, but the fact remains that when you visit, you should time it with the yearly festival—another reason to drop by Viareggio.

Brigade Chrysler Jeep—a Class above the Rest

It might be strange to find a purely American-type vehicle in Viareggio, but the Jeep can handle any type of terrain; hence, its presence in the city. Viareggio played host to the flagship vehicle of that year, where it boasted of a chrome-plated, 7-slot mask as well as a power plant that provided 231hp/4700 and 326hp/5700. The Jeep Commander, to be exact, has a distinct mix of both power and luxury at the fingertips of the buyer.