The DIY Checklist To A Clean Home, One Day At A Time!

Daily House Cleaning Quick Checklist.


House Cleaning ChecklistKeeping a clean house can seem impossible at times when you are on the constant go. Whether your schedule is packed with work meetings, kid activities or social events a lot of the house work tends to get pushed aside until you have to waste an entire day doing a deep clean. Many people tend to live this way, dedicating one day to house cleaning only to have it torn apart the next. There is an easy way you can maintain a clean home no matter how busy your life is. This checklist is a simple itinerary that breaks down the daily house cleaning tasks that will take you less than an hour to get through.



At most this house-cleaning chore should only take you roughly 15 minutes if you need to wash by hand. If you have a dishwasher then it should only take 5 minutes to rinse and load. Additional daily tip, rinse the dishes off before leaving them in the sink to do later this will rid the dishes of leftover food and will lead to less scrubbing when you get to them.

Sink And Countertops-

Once the dishes are out of the way wipe the inside of the sink down as well as the countertops and stove area. Total time this portion of the house cleaning will take is less than 5 minutes depending on the mess from dinner preparations.


Check the floors for spills and sticky spots and give them a quick clean up which should only take about 2 minutes.

Dish Towels-

Once you are finished with the kitchen fold and hang up any dish towels that may be cluttering the counters.

Total time spent cleaning the kitchen roughly 17-22 minutes.



Sink And Mirror-

Give the bathroom sink a quick wipe down and wipe any splatters off the mirror. This quick house-cleaning task will take less than a minute to finish.


Wipe down the lid of the toilet and give the inside of the bowl a quick swoosh to rid any ring residue. Again this should also take less than a minute to complete.


Give the shower door a quick wipe down with a dry towel to prevent any water mildew build up. Use a daily shower cleaner to spray the shower wall, door or curtain and you are all done. Tine need to complete this portion of the house cleaning is less than 2 minutes.

Daily house cleaning total time spent in the bathroom is only 5 minutes tops.



Night Stands-

Clear any clutter off your nightstands and give a quick wipe down to prevent excess dust building up. Time spent doing this should be no more than 1 or 2 minutes.


Making your bed will make the room appear to be a lot less messy and only takes at most 5 minutes.


Fold and put away any clean clothing and gather up the ones that need to be washed and place them in the laundry basket or down the laundry shoot. At most, if you do this on a daily basis, this should only take you 5 minutes.

Total time house cleaning the bedroom no more than 12 minute.



Sofa And Coach-

Straighten out the pillows and give them a little fluff for a neater appearance. Use a hand vacuum to suck up any forgotten crumbs, which should only take about 5 minutes to do.

Tables And Bookshelves Or Cabinets-

Clean dust from end tables, coffee table, the top of cabinets and bookshelves. Straighten out any books or magazines that are lying around and put the remotes in one spot. This house cleaning task will take you about 5 minutes to complete.


The living room can tend to accumulate a number of random items like toys, games, shoes and bags. Clean up the unnecessary clutter in 5 to 10 minutes.

Total time spent house cleaning the living room 20 minutes tops.


House cleaning does not have to be an all day event if you take the hour each day to keep things straightened up and tidy. With this house-cleaning checklist you can easily have a well-kept house that looks like you spent hours scrubbing in just an hour.


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Ultimate Preparation Tips For A DIY Paint Job

Giving your home a fresh look can be done in various ways, but perhaps the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to refresh your home is doing a paint job.

While new furniture or replacing the floors, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, might cost you a lot of money and might require a professional to do it, doing a paint job can be done just as successfully by amateurs and doesn’t require a professional. 

That being said, you would want to do the paint job almost as if it was done by a professional. Therefore, you should definitely read these five tips, as they will help you to achieve the best result, even though your walls haven’t been painted by a professional. Preparation is the key to success, and this is especially true when it comes to painting your walls.


Choose the Best Time

farmhouseYou can do a paint job any time of the year. However, there is some method in choosing to do your paint job during the summer. Often people put off the painting job until the summer because they would like to wait for the driest part of the year in order do their paint job. Still, if you happen to have to do your painting during other part of the year, you should at least make sure it is not raining that day, since humidity in the air can make your paint dry painstakingly slowly. Still, if you are unsure about your painting skills, this might not necessarily be a bad thing – since it will give you plenty of time to correct the mistakes which you made. Either way, make sure you wait for the paint to properly dry before applying the next coat.

Quality Brushes and Paint

Making the necessary preparations will make the task of painting your walls so much easier on you. The necessary preparations include dealing with cracks, buying the necessary equipment and applying a primer. You will have to identify the cracks which will be filled and prepare the peeling areas by sanding them lightly, prior to applying a primer and then paint. Also, you should invest a little bit more money and get the high-quality brushes, roller covers and painter’s tape. The quality painting material, such as brushes and paint, will save you from having to do the painting again and will provide the best coverage.

Protect The Furniture

how-to-protect-cedar-furniture-with-oil-home-guides-sf-gateOften DIY projects end in frustration and disaster because people forget to pay attention to details. One such detail is protecting the furniture while painting. Use plastic bags to cover everything which might get stained by the paint. Protect your floors, furniture, hardware, and remove the light switches and outlets. It only takes a several minutes to devote to prepare your home for painting and it will make the painting job look so much neater it will almost look as if it was done by a professional.

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